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  • A hairstylist once said, "beautiful hair is the best revenge"!!! Lolll! Stay abreast of the latest hairstyles and trends so you can slay folks when necessary!

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  • A pictionary of fashion terms.

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  • Couture Chronicles

  • A regularly updated commentary and personal look at my exciting encounters in the world of couture.

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  • Here learn principles for living lavishly on any budget and getting the look for less!!!

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Style Files

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Couture Chronicles

Bright Colored Dress

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A bright colored dress (in a primary shade) A pair of bright ankle-strap heels (in the same shade) Sparkly earrings Multiple rings Pave bracelets and/ or cuffs A metallic clutch Eyeliner Nude Lipstick While you may not be walking the actual red carpet, you can certainly still dress the part. Spark[...]

White Sheath Dress 

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A sheath dress A twill top coat A structured tote Ankle accented shoes Strands of pearls Pearl ear jewels A Pair of Aviators *all of the above in varying shades of white Design houses have identified all-white as one of the hottest fashion trends for spring.  But you don't have to wait until Memo[...]

The Jumpsuit 

  To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A strapless jumpsuit A printed blazer A pair of metallic sandals A pair of gold bamboo hoops A set of double bar rings A pair of cat eye sunglasses A gold cuff A charm necklace A vibrant-hued handbag Unexpected plans and little time to get ready can be a woman's worst nightmare. Instead [...]

Sequined Jacket

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A cropped sequined jacket A mesh bodysuit A draped chiffon skirt A pair of lace-covered high heels A fascinator A glittered manicure & fuchsia lipstick A pair of mismatched diamond studs A crystal clutch New Year's Eve is one of the most anticipated evenings of the year, especially when it com[...]

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