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  • Couture Crush

  • We feature daily postings of products & personalities that make us blush!
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  • Celebrity Splash

  • Lavish, luxurious looks we love, worn on some of the most recognizable stars.

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  • Trending Tresses

  • A hairstylist once said, "beautiful hair is the best revenge"!!! Lolll! Stay abreast of the latest hairstyles and trends so you can slay folks when necessary!

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  • Front Row Frenzy

  • Get the "who...what...when...where" scoop on industry shows.

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  • Product Passion

  • Here get a glimpse of beauty products we love and rather not live without!

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  • Bespoke Business

  • This is the place where men can get down to the business of trends, innovations, and all other aspects of Bespoke apparel.

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  • Style School

  • A pictionary of fashion terms.

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  • Couture Chronicles

  • A regularly updated commentary and personal look at my exciting encounters in the world of couture.

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  • Paris For Pennies

  • Here learn principles for living lavishly on any budget and getting the look for less!!!

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  • Entertainment Endeavors

  • We've provided an easy way to get the scoop on "must see" movies, events, plays, restaurants, etc. Live it up!

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Style Files

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Couture Chronicles

A Couture T-Shirt

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A The Lady Loves Couture t-shirt A patterned, faux fur coat A pair of leather leggings A pair of high back stilettos A dramatic single earring An animal ears cap An eccentric purse Nothing says "I know fashion" like a woman who stands out in a crowd while dressed in a simple t-shirt. The style obses[...]

Quilted Down Vest

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A quilted down vest A long sleeved ribbed T-Shirt A pair of fitted sweatpants A sleek pair of trainers Embellished fingerless gloves An oversized metal watch A stylish backpack Black Friday marks the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. This year, while you are out battling the crowds an[...]

Black Leggings

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... Black leggings A ladies text or printed sweatshirt Embellished Hoop Earrings A pair of graphic booties A couture inspired fringe purse Leggings are a go-to cold weather staple that keep us warm while showing off our curves. Upgrade this basic item to bombshell status with a printed, graphic sweatshirt a[...]

Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt

To Go Bombshell With this basic, try... A distressed denim pencil skirt A tailored denim shirt or white silk blouse A skinny neutral colored belt A pointy-toed nude shoe or bootie Oversized shades Mixed metal, large hoop earrings A bold-colored cross body bag The fashion savvy understand that pencil skirts are an absolute wardrobe must; h[...]

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