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Style Files

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Couture Chronicles

Donna Karan NYFW SS 2015

American Designer Donna Karan’s Ready-to-Wear Spring 2015 collection was a mixture of graphic prints, bras and huge hats. Models moved down the runway in chic, graffiti inspired clothing celebrating the spirit of New York’s Art. Karan is redefining the bodysuit for women by showcasing several looks with stretch organza bras paired with of wardrobe cl[...]


Bill Blass once said, “When all else fails, wear red”! As the most provocative of the four primary colors, I guess, there is really no question why the world is obsessed with the ultra popular, sexy shoes, baring the distinctive red colored soles. Famed shoe designer Christian Loubuotin, instinctively knew this and created a global frenzy with his innovati[...]

Another Layer of Luxury

Men need luxurious bathing products, just as much as women! Who doesn't love a man who smells good and has amazing skin? Now days, the average male does not have to compromise his masculinity in exchange for a little personal TLC. In fact, most women will tell you that a man who takes care of himself and engages in some grooming routines, is extremely[...]

White Shorts

To Go Bombshell With this basic try... • A beautiful white pair of shorts • A black lace high collar blouse • A black tuxedo vest • Black lace shoe in any of these stylish variations • A classy white bag • Black cut off gloves A timeless summer staple, white shorts, whether sport length, Bermuda, culottes, or denim cut offs are a simple, classy solut[...]

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