Under $100: Marjorie Harvey Handbags

Marjorie Harvey handbags

We’re officially in love with our handbags over here. Inspired by our lovely lady Marjorie, these couture creations are truly clutch. From faux-fur muffs to metallic dynamically detailed darlings, these bags look like they cost you a pretty penny but they won’t. As with all things at The Lady Loves Couture, we are committed to continually living lavishly on any budget. If you haven’t taken a peek into all the pretty, we rounded up the best of Marjorie Harvey’s handbags, and all priced for under a $100. Here’s to a lavish new year!


Marjorie Harvey Dynasty Crossbody Handbag
MH Handbags Dynasty Crossbody ($85)

Marjorie Harvey Handbags Marjorie's Muff
MH Handbags Marjorie’s Muff ($99)

Marjorie Harvey Handbags Miss Kitty
MH Handbags Miss Kitty ($95)

Marjorie Harvey Handbags Opposites Attract Clutch

MH Handbags Opposites Attract Clutch ($60)

MH Handbags Marjorie's Muff
MH Handbags Marjorie’s Muff ($99)