The 3 Empowering Things We Learned From The Lady Gaga Documentary

Lady Gaga may be one of the world’s most famous pop stars, but at the end of the day, she’s just a woman coming into her own and learning and earning the courage to be her most authentic, empowered self. In her new revealing Netflix documentary Gaga: Five Foot Two, we find the intimate portrait of a woman suffering from chronic physical pain (fibromyalgia), while navigating heartbreak and the inherent vulnerabilities of stardom and power in what still, at times, feels like a man’s world. Gaga throws all of herself into these brave life lessons as she strives to carve out her own understating of womanhood, all under the deep scrutiny of the public— and it’s inspiring!

Here are the three most empowering things we learned from Lady Gaga.


She knows that the source of her most authentic power comes from a commitment to her greatest gifts.

On the eve of the album debut Joanne, Gaga talks about how the most successful version of her music will always comes from staying true to herself: “I never felt comfortable enough to sing, to just be the (raw) way that I am now. I never felt pretty enough, or smart enough, or a good enough musician. But that’s the good part because I did’t feel enough back then, but I feel good enough now.”


She has clear boundaries, and she’s not afraid to flex them.

As a woman working in a man’s world, Gaga explains how when she comes into a new working situation, men will often expect her to submit to their demands:

“Certain producers start to act like ‘you’d be nothing without me’. Those men have so much power. Those men can have women in a way that no other man can–whenever they want, whatever they want. And then I walk in the room and it’s like, eight times out of ten, I’m put in that category, and they expect from me what those girls have to offer when that’s just not at all what I have to offer— in any way. That’s not why I’m here. I’m not a receptacle for your pain.”


She finally loves herself so she’s done  putting up with other people’s s**t.

In the midst of all her hustle and bustle, Gaga finds herself in an argument with her ex-fiancé, but her self-love allows her to navigate the potential stressor in a different way, in a more productive way:

“I’m just in a different time of my life right now. I feel like my threshold for bullshit with men is, well… I just don’t have one now. I just don’t care. I feel better than ever.”