5 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

Before and after image of woman in red dress

New year, new you…right? What better way to slay 2018 than by keeping your resolution to lose some extra pounds? And if fitness wasn’t on your resolution list, then think of this as a friendly reminder to keep living that healthy lifestyle. There’s no time like the present: start inching your way to the body of your dreams today!

We rounded up five small, easy changes to make to your daily routine that’ll help kick start your fitness and revolutionize your overall health.

1. Water

Tyra Banks drinking water

Beyond it being the fountain of youth, as it hydrates skin and strengthens hair and nails, consuming a gallon of water a day will help cut food cravings. Studies show that drinking water a half hour before meals increases weight loss by 44% over 3 months.

2. Walking

Woman walking in the park during summer

Most of us spend so little time moving that by adding just a 30-minute walk to our day, we can easily transform the state of our body. Grab your favorite beats or your best gabbing girlfriend and take a brisk walk once every day. Your body will respond to this tiny little gift if you just stick with it!

3. Add Greens

Naomi Watts drinking power green smoothie

Most diet fads fade because we feel the pain of depriving ourselves, but food really is meant to be both joyous and nourishing. A lot of us go wrong by forgetting the nourishing part. Many cravings for sugary processed foods come from the fact that our bodies are simply missing the nutrients that would cut those cravings in half. Keep eating all your favorite foods but look for opportunities to add more greens. Over time, one green juice a day can significantly detox your body and begin to naturally cut cravings for the junk.

4. Quit Just One Thing

Woman overeating a peanut butter sandwich

Many of us can’t maintain a diet because ditching all our favorite things is a shock to our system. Too much change, too fast, results in a quick return to the land of comfort food. Pick just one of your vices and get rid of it for good.  Maybe its booze, or bread, or sugar.  Take one of these little things out of your life, but stick to all the other things you love. Do this for 30 days and you will see a change!

5. Sleep

Katy Perry pretending to sleep

One of the easiest ways to gain weight is sleep deprivation.  Sleep deprivation can cause our bodies to make poor decisions throughout the day. According to recent studies, getting the right amount of sleep cuts food cravings and helps regulate metabolism. Beauty sleep is a real thing, people.