5 Signs Your Thyroid May Need Some Extra Tender Loving Care

Many of us hear the word thyroid thrown around when discussing optimal health and weight gain issues, but this delicate, hormone-regulating, butterfly-shaped gland located near your Adam’s apple is actually one of the most powerful glands in your body. A healthy thyroid gland is crucial to maintaining your overall health and is essential in regulating your metabolism. Yet, in today’s toxic high-paced modern world, our health, and especially our thyroid, can get easily out of whack. In fact, one out of five of us are experiencing some dysfunction or irregularity in the thyroid department.  In an effort to get us all balanced, from the inside out, we’re taking a look at the top five factors that may indicate your thyroid needs a little extra love and tenderness.

1. Fatigue

If you’re feeling rundown regardless of how much you’re resting, that’s an indicator that your thyroid may be feeling a bit sluggish too. Although sleep is good, if it’s taking you more than nine hours to get fully rested and you can’t live without your coffee, there’s a possibility you may be experiencing an under-active thyroid.

2. Digestion Problems

The thyroid is central to the efficiency of your bowel movements. Chronic diarrhea or loose stool signifies a hyper-thyroid, while, on the flip side, if you haven’t been able to get things moving down there, there’s a good chance your thyroid needs a jumpstart too. Constipation signals a thyroid that’s swung into an under-active status.

3. Depression/Anxiety

While there are many factors to mental health issues, a thyroid test can be an excellent place to start if you’re experiencing any significant changes in moods. An onset of sudden panic disorders, chronic bouts of anxiety, or lingering depression can indicate thyroid dysfunction.

4. Menstrual Irregularities/Fertility Issues

The hormones in our body create a delicate balancing act. If one of them is out of whack, there’s a good chance another one is, too. If you’ve noticed menstrual irregularities, your thyroid may be struggling with regularity, too. Heavy bleeding points to an over-active thyroid, while light or even-skipped periods can be an indicator of an under-active thyroid. Fertility issues can also be linked to a thyroid imbalance.

5. Skin And Hair Issues

Any irregularities with your thyroid can quickly reveal themselves on the surface. Hair loss (up to 100 hairs a day) is a strong indicator that your thyroid may be out of balance. Also, your skin will be noticeably dryer and rougher or thinner and more fragile. Any extreme sudden changes in the skin or nails warrants a thyroid test.

Remember, these are only a few possible symptoms of a thyroid disorder. If you feel that any of the above may be true, please consult your physician and ask for a thyroid test, before you self-diagnose.  Here’s to your happy healthy thyroid!