5 Ways To Cure The News Blues

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The news is breaking almost every 20 minutes these days. It’s easy to click on a post and quickly trip down the news frenzy rabbit hole that delivers you to that “I’ve got the news blues” place. Don’t worry, we’ve got a rope! And we’re about to pull you out from the depths of this vicious cycle.

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Here are five ways to cure the news blues.

1.  Set some boundaries, people!

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Just because every news source in the world posts what they consider to be “breaking news” every hour, doesn’t mean it necessarily warrants “breaking” up the flow of your day. Yes, it’s important to stay informed, but keep it in check. Choose 30 minutes to an hour a day, max, from one or two of your most trusted sources.  And then STOP.  There will be more news waiting for you first thing in the morning–we promise.

2.  You have a life outside of the news bubble.

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You are not an investigative journalist, unless, of course, you are and then you should make sure that your life revolves around scouring the internet for every bit of truth, 24/7.  Most of us, however, have full lives outside the world of politics, and especially in these potentially stressful times, it’s important not to forget that. Seek true connection and comfort from the communities that make up your real life (not your social media life). We are also co-creators on this journey. News is not just happening to us. We make the news every day with the actions we take in our own lives. So start living the story you’d like to read about.

3. Don’t have the news for breakfast.

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Most successful people abide by a principal known as priming, meaning every morning they “prime” themselves in positive ways before stepping into the day. Some people workout, meditate, pray, or listen to music, but whatever it is they choose, they find a way to set the  proper tone first. Because today’s news so often strikes fear and anxiety in our hearts, we are constantly giving our power away and depleting our own energy.  The Lady Loves Couture Challenge: Make it to at least 2pm everyday without watching a bit of news.

4. Take a news fast.

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Even though it may feel like it as of late, the world will not end tomorrow. Take a break!  Choose one day a week, every week, to go completely news-free. Unplug from all your devices for at least 24 hours. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you, and you’ll realize that you lived to read the news another day.

5. Don’t use the news to dodge your own reality.

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This Just In: The harder truth is that sometimes we can funnel our general anxieties and deeper fears about our personal lives into life’s greatest/newest punching bag—CNN.  Falling down the rabbit hole of a sensational media frenzy is a form of escapism. This obsessive digestion of news and the chronic complaining about the state of the world is a really convenient way to avoid yourself. Don’t blame your well-being on the news. Have the courage to ask yourself the bigger questions: Am I living the life I want? If not, how can I make that happen today? Yes, these real questions can send you straight to pizza town and news junkie central, but it’s way better to be working through your own fears, your own true blues, than the ones curated to you by the news.