7 Must-Have Pampering Products To Help You Chill Before The Holidays

7 Products to Help You Chill

Can you feel it in the air? The calm, cool fall air gently caressing your skin as you sweetly dream of all the turkeys and sugar plums ahead.  It’s the last calm before the seasonal storm known as Holiday Season.

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In just a matter of days, we’ll be bickering with loved ones as we stuff turkeys together, shoving our mouths with cheese and cookies at the revolving door of Christmas parities, and running through stores like warrior gift-givers scoring Black Friday treasures. It’s time to take a final chill pill, a deep breath, and dip into some pre-emptive relaxation. Here are some deliciously indulgent pampering products aimed to soothe your senses and put your best face forward before the holiday games begin.


Soothing and Cleansing Beauty Products

1. Molton Brown Fiery Pink Pepper Pampering Body Polisher ($50)
Claim to Fame: Indulge in a spicy-sweet aroma as the exfoliating bamboo sloughs off dead skin and leaves you with a new glow.

2. Elemental Herbology Detox Botanical Bathing Infusion ($35)
Claim to Fame: Burn cellulite as you bathe? The grapefruit is a powerful astringent, diuretic, and thermogenic ingredient that helps stimulate circulation, fight fatigue, detoxify the blood, shift fluid retention, and eliminate cellulite. Yes, please!

3. Jurlique Rose Water Balancing Mist ($34)
Claim To Fame: A daily mist of rose extract that leaves the skin feeling balanced, refreshed, and soothed.

Soothing and Pampering Beauty Products

4. Organic Chamomile Bath Soak ($7)
Claim To Fame: The calming aromatherapy properties of chamomile and the detoxifying Epsom salt will de-stress your muscles and your mind.

5. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Clarifying Steam Bath ($35)
Claim To Fame: This at-home facial steam bath will open your pores, reduce blackheads, and soften the appearance of your skin.

6. Fig And Moss Aromatherapy Soy Candles ($18)
Claim to Fame: Soothe your senses with the anti-anxiety remedy of aromatherapy to restore mental balance.

7. Lather 10-minute Brightening Mask with Glycolic Acid ($28)
Claim To Fame:  In just 10 miraculous minutes, this new mask addresses uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation and removes dead skin, revealing a refreshed and radiant new you.

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