7 Questions With Alicia Quarles

Interview with Alicia Quarles

Alicia Quarles is one of those striking faces that happens to come with an equally beautiful intelligence. As a news correspondent for  Fandango,  The Insider, and a former correspondent to E! News, her work as a journalist has given her access to the world’s elite, a sort of permanent front-row seat to the world and its most exclusive events. This fashion-savvy lady has, in her young career, interviewed A-listers such as Oprah, Brad Pitt, Eli Manning, and the iconic Anna Wintour. Quarles’ passion for living has led her to the launch of her own lifestyle blog, Carpe That Diem, which aims to celebrate living your best life possible. Today, at The Lady Loves Couture, we’ve flipped the script and are interviewing this journalist to get a more intimate glimpse of Alicia Quarles’ world. Here are our 7 questions…

Celebrity Journalist Alicia Quarles

1. You’re asked to host a dinner for 3 of your fashion icons: Where does this stylish soiree take place and who do you invite and why?

This affair would take place in Coco Chanel’s apartment at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris. I would invite Michelle Obama, Karl Lagerfeld, and Anna Wintour. Coco defined style and was unapologetic about it. Michelle Obama is our most fashionable First Lady since Jackie Kennedy.  Karl is Chanel. And, of course, how could I host a dinner honoring fashion icons and not invite Anna Wintour–she is fashion.

Michelle Obama, Karl Lagerfeld, and Anna Wintour

2. Every girl has a bad hair day: What’s your “save-the-day” hair product?
Dry shampoo! I have no idea what I did before dry shampoo, but it’s a lifesaver. I’m not the best at doing my on hair but because of my profession, it’s constantly being done, which means product just builds up. Dry shampoo evens it all out. My favorite is Oscar Blandi Pronto Shampoo Invisible Spray ($11) .

Oscar Blandi Pronto Shampoo Invisible Spray

3. Hair salon or nail salon: Which visit or service is your can’t-live-without beauty splurge and who takes care of you like no other?
Hair salon. I’m actually really good at doing my own nails. I have every color under the sun and can even do nail designs. Doing my own hair is another story! I have a team of amazing hairstylists: Shelli, Gabrielle, and Carla, who are also hairdressers to the stars. These women make me feel like a million bucks and are always ahead of the trends when it comes to haircare.

Alicia Quarles

4. Fill in the blanks: Growing up, I was so ____ because I constantly wore ____.
Growing up, I was so much of a tomboy because I constantly wore my Raiders Starter jacket. If you were raised in California, then you know what I’m talking about. Starter jackets were everything!

Oakland Raiders Jacket

5. If you could raid anyone’s closet (living or dead), who would it be and why?
Rihanna. She has so much fun with fashion and every designer wants to dress her. I would happily raid RiRi’s closet any day of the week.

Rihanna on the Cover of Vogue

6. Beach or mountains, and what are the three essentials that you pack for this getaway?
Beach for sure. I would pack Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 Sunscreen ($2.49) , The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle ($8) , and a Luxury Divas Nautical Bucket Hat ($30).

Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 Sunscreen, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle , and a Luxury Divas Nautical Bucket Hat

7. If you were on your way to a gala and someone stole your entire makeup bag, what product would you scramble to purchase, regardless of country or time of day and why?
I would scramble to buy Ardell Fake Lashes Glamour Wispies In Black ($10). I swear by them. They open up your eyes and make your entire face pop.

Ardell Fake Lashes Glamour Wispies In Black