7 Questions with Devious Maids’ Sol Rodriguez

Sol Rodriguez Interview

Latina actress Sol Rodriguez is about to become a household name. With her knockout good looks and her dramatic acting chops, Sol’s latest role – as Puerto Rican pop star Daniela Mercado on Lifetime’s Devious Maids – is actually a bit of art imitating life.

Sol Rodriguez of Devious Maids

The Argentinian native was raised by a musician father and spent much of her youth singing and dancing before moving to Miami and landing her breakthrough role on Nickelodeon’s Grachi. After the success of Grachi and roles in several telenovelas, Sol moved to Los Angeles and has been working consistently ever since. Besides flaunting her theatrical side, Sol is also active in International Women’s House, a charity that helps female refugees of domestic violence.

Here, the gorgeous and gracious Sol answers our favorite questions on fashion icons, save-the-day hair tips, and beauty products she can’t live without:

You’re asked to host a dinner for 3 of your fashion icons: Where does this stylish soiree take place and who do you invite and why?

Rihanna, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston
It would take place in a quiet place, maybe my living room, where nobody would bother us. I would invite Rihanna, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Aniston. The three of them are so different and they inspire me in their own individual ways. Rihanna was the girl that made me feel sexy, that made me realize I’m a sexy girl and dared me to wear transparents and be braless every day of my life; to be unapologetic about my body and put a hat on with a sexy dress and work it out. Kate Moss gives me the ’90s dose I need. I’m a ’90s girl and I love everything about the ’90s: The music, the fashion, the movies. So from Kate, I get the wear-less-makeup-as-possible, bad girl attitude but without trying to be bad, just being unapologetic as well. Then Jennifer Aniston gives me the glam and the Hollywood sophistication. I think of her and I get inspired to wear a beautiful gown, to be classy and sexy at the same time.

Every girl has a bad hair day: What’s your “save-the-day” hair product? 

Sol Rodriguez and LA Dodgers Hat
My save-the-day hair product for a bad hair day is not a product, it’s a hat! When I’m having a bad hair day, no product can help me. I just need to put the hair away. Either that, or my big fat scrunchy that I love.

Hair salon or nail salon: Which visit or service is your can’t-live-without beauty splurge and who takes care of you like no other?

Sol Rodriguez - Nail Salon - Hair Salon
I’m lucky enough to know how to do nails like a professional nail artist, so I don’t need much of a nail salon. When I’m feeling blue, I do love to get pampered and go to the nail salon to get a mani and pedi. But I definitely love to change my hair all the time! I get bored frequently and since I’m an actress, I can’t really go wild with my hair. I have to keep it kind of plain and manageable. I just moved to LA, so I’m still trying to find my go-to place.

Fill in the blanks: “Growing up, I was so _tomboyish_ because I constantly wore _cargo pants and oversized t-shirts with running sneakers and chokers_.

Cargo Pants and Choker

If you could raid anyone’s closet (living or dead), who would it be and why?
I would definitely raid Sami Miro closet. I just discovered her on IG not too long ago and she blew my mind! She is such a trendsetter, so different but on-point with what’s going on in fashion. I would LOVE to work with her one day!

Sami Miro

Beach or mountains, and what are the three essentials that you pack for this getaway?
Mountains, mountains, mountains! I would pack lots of water, toothpaste, and chapstick. I can’t live without that. Oh, and bug spray.

Marvis Toothpaste, Rosebud Salve Chapstick, Burt's Bees Insect Repellent

If you were on your way to a gala and someone stole your entire makeup bag, what product would you scramble to purchase, regardless of country or time of day, and why?

NYX HD liquid concealer #04 and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

The product I’d kill for is the NYX HD liquid concealer #04 and Benefit Roller Lash Mascara in black. If I have those, I can do anything in the world.