7 Questions With Rachele Brooke Smith

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If you aren’t yet familiar with actress Rachele Brooke Smith, you very soon will be. This rising star, who also happens to be a dance phenom, is taking center stage in 2016 starring in The Nice Guys with Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, Bomb City, and Cold Moon from the writer of Beetlejuice and the Nightmare Before Christmas. But beyond her personal ambitions, one of Rachele’s proudest accomplishment is her charity, Unbreakable, whose mission is to share messages on ways to stay healthy, live happy, and encourage others to believe in their personal power–making their dreams a reality!


We had a chance to have a mini powwow with this ever-inspired lovely lady. Here are 7 questions with Rachele Brooke Smith.

1. You’re asked to host a dinner for three of your fashion icons. Where does this stylish soiree take place, and who do you invite and why? 


Nobu in Malibu because I just love that place! I would invite Sophia Amoroso because I just want to pick her brain about how she built Nasty Gal. I’d also invite Sandra Bullock because while she might not be known for fashion, she is my favorite actress and it’s my dream to play opposite her in a kickass movie. And finally, Angelina Jolie because she always has this incredible elegance, style, confidence, and just pure bad-assness that I aspire to have.

2. Every girl has a bad hair day, so what’s your “save-the-day” hair product? 

I’m so beyond obsessed with Cityswept Finish by Bumble and Bumble ($31).

3. Hair salon or nail salon? Which visit or service is your can’t-live-without-it beauty splurge, and who takes care of you like no other?  


I love getting my nails done, but I just can’t handle the way I feel when my hair is overdue for a cut or color. I love, love, love Becca at Salon Smith in Santa Monica, and I recently found Hairzoo which I love too. Especially if you are like me, and have a super busy somewhat crazy schedule and have to make last minute appointment, they are the best!

4. Fill in the blanks: Growing up I was such a _____ because I constantly  wore______.

Growing up I was such a tomboy because I constantly wore my hair up and Phoenix Suns’ jerseys! I was a pretty die hard Phoenix Suns fan when I was younger.

5. If you could raid anyone’s closet (living or dead), who would it be and why?

Madonna because who wouldn’t?!


6. Beach or mountains? And what are the three essentials that you pack for this getaway?

The beach! Being around water, waves, and the sun just makes me a way better me! I would pack my phone, but I’d put it on the “do not disturb” mode and use it for music, meditation apps, podcasts, and audiobooks. I’d also bring a copy of the book Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest Your Desires ($15), and healthy snacks–I love healthy snacks!

7. If you were on your way to a gala and someone stole your entire makeup bag, what product would you scramble to purchase and why?

I can’t pick just one! Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation ($43) , a contour palette by Nars Narsissist Cheek Studio Palette ($65) , and a Hard Candy Top Ten Trendsetter Palette Eyeshadow ($6). I could use it not only as eyeshadow, but also liner, mascara, and even lip color if I mix it with lipgloss or with chapstick.