The Do’s and Don’ts of New Year’s Eve

Women Celebrating New Year's

New Year’s Eve often strikes a precarious chord in our hearts. It’s fueled with the nostalgic memories of the things we leave behind, yet packed with the promise of all we hope the New Year will bring. Add to that, the massive expectation of trying to celebrate it in a magical, blinged-out night-of-all-nights kind of way, and you might just end up in your onesie with a bottle of wine waiting for the ball to drop.

Women Dancing at New Year's Party

It’s often said that the course of how something goes is determined in the very first moments; that the initial intention, the first strike, can ignite the course and attitude that will shape the totality of the thing itself. With that thought in mind, it might be worth considering the ways in which we say hello to 2016: Here’s a little guide of the do’s and don’ts of New Year’s Eve to help as you toast the night – and year – away with grace and style.

Don’t sit at home and watch the ball drop. If you’re going to watch the ball drop in Times Square, you should carpe diem that idea and stand outside with the freezing masses and scream “Happy New Year!” into that shining sea of human possibility. If you’re not going to do that in person, ditch the boob tube and consider discovering your own real time way to celebrate, besides just watching other people have all the fun.

Times Square on New Year's Eve

Do consider an intimate dinner with friends. Celebrating does not always mean raging until you don’t remember you have a name. If the idea of partying hard overwhelms you, consider inviting your closest friends for a romantic New Year’s Eve dinner. Pull out your finest flatware and cook the best meal of your life. Share the evening with your besties creating New Year’s resolutions and looking back at your greatest accomplishments of 2015.

Fancy New Year's Dinner Party

Don’t take an inebriated series of selfies and post yourself silly. There might be a better way to ring in the New Year than blasting your blasted self on social media, in your sequined dress, hugging hundreds of different people who you wont remember in the morning. We get it—you’re having a great time. Consider actually having it instead of showing it. Besides, your beer goggles might not be the best Instagram filter. Curate your collection over a nice cup of coffee January 1st; the sober filter works wonders.

Celebrities Taking Selfie at Met Gala

Do spark up a conversation with a perfect stranger. Often a night like New Year’s Eve will send people outside of their comfort zones. People that never go out, actually go out! Spark a conversation with a perfect stranger. Stop hiding behind your cell phone and dare to sit in that awkward space of the unknown– the good ole fashioned mystery of getting to know someone new. You might just start off the New Year with a new friend.

Models with Champagne - New Year's Party

Do hats, streamers, and all things that glitter. We all have that little girl inside of us that dreams of walking around in glitter from head-to-toe. Tonight’s your night to shine bright like a diamond. New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to paint your eyes gold, glitter yourself from head-to-toe, and wear weird hats. Embrace your inner goddess and shine brighter than before. Don’t just join the party, be the party.

People at New Year's Eve Party

Don’t wear jeans. To make this night unlike any other night, you’re going to have to dress like it’s unlike any other night. Ditch the denim and dress to the nines.

Fergie in Silver Dress

Do kiss a frog. If your lips aren’t locked at midnight, don’t hang your head low waiting for your prince to come. Grab that shy guy who’s been giving you eyes all night and go for it. You never know where sparks will fly, and that little frog may actually be the handsome prince you’ve been waiting for.

Couple Kissing Silhouetted Against New Year's Fireworks

Don’t kiss everyone. No matter how good that tight huddled group of hugs and inebriated “I love yous” may feel, some people are still off limits. Don’t blur too many lines. This is not an end of the world party. There is a bright, sober tomorrow waiting for you first thing in the morning.

Friends Writing "Love" with Sparklers with Long Camera Exposure

Don’t party hop. It seemed like a good idea at the time–a whirlwind of parties and a plethora of pretty friends. Besides the hassle of getting around, you’re bound to end up ringing in the New Year in the backseat of your friend’s car, lost in traffic somewhere. Stay put and party on. Remember: You are the party you’ve been searching for.

Taxis in Traffic on New Year's Eve

Don’t say yes to every toast. New Year’s Eve is not the best time to experiment with your alcohol tolerance. If you’re at a party you’ll probably be offered a shot of something every 15 minutes with someone saying, “Come on! It’s New Year’s Eve.” Flex your willpower and trust your gut. Besides, you’ve got a long way to go until midnight, and shots of things called The Mind Eraser or Random Mystery are not your best bet for making it there.

New Year's Toast at a Party

Do splurge on the Veuve. Oh baby you’re worth it. Pop open your finest bubbly. If not now, when? Happy New Year!

Confetti and Women Lying on the Floor