A Layered Life

Everything comes from somewhere.We know the catwalk is often a place where “art imitates life” and as such, we’ve noticed a surging trend on famed runways around the world: Layering. It seems the eclectic, multifaceted look is dominating in popularity over one-dimensional, predictable looks of seasons’ past.

On one hand, trendsetters are gravitating towards garments made from multidimensional textiles. On the other hand, lavish looks are being achieved by piling on multiple accessories, outerwear, and key apparel pieces.  The effect is a rich individualized interpretation of personal expression. Essentially, people are throwing their typical couture caution to the wind and revealing style stories that say, “I’m unique, chic, and one-of-a-kind. I make my own rules and march to the beat of my own drum.”

What I love about seeing this courageous innovation in fashion is the reality that such a trend implies.  Culturally speaking, we are dually becoming more bold with unveiling our personal layers, as complex intriguing individuals. Very few of us are one-note wonders. We are more like intricate chords and harmonious melodies with varying notes that when blended, make a beautiful tune.

Embrace your uniqueness (good, bad, ugly, or phenomenal) and adorn it as your personal trademark. Like street style stars and supermodels everywhere, we must join in on the fun and celebrate our own distinction. Fashion is a great way  to experiment, but in other areas of your life free yourself by:  taking risks, being transparent, and thinking outside the box.

Whatever it is that makes you special, let that uniqueness shine through; it could be personality, a sense of humor, intelligence, charm, creativity, or even the wisdom that comes with life experience. Clothes are what we wear to impress people, but our character is what we wear to inspire them. By revealing our complexities in both of these dimensions, people will be rewarded with the gift of knowing that there is so much more to each of us than what meets the eye.