Baby Got Booty: Your Guide To An Elevated Derrière

Who isn’t interested in a perfectly round, elevated derrière? For many of us, we find ourselves eyeing those form-fitting jeans or curve-hugging dresses, yet we eventually opt out because we’re not looking for any item of clothing that emphasizes the junk in our trunk. Not to mention, with age and gravity, everything seems to drop (booty included!).

What if we told you that you can get the derrière of your dreams… in just 5-minutes a day? That’s less time than it takes to check your Instagram feed!

We spoke exclusively to celebrity trainer Mike Alexander, who has toned the bodies of stars like Jessica Simpson, Emma Roberts, Genesis Rodriguez, and Kristin Chenoweth, about all things booty-related.

Read below for his easy at-home booty-lifting workout. (Spoiler: It is possible!)

The Lady Loves Couture: For someone who hasn’t been in the gym in awhile and wants to make a safe transition into working out, what is a basic “squat” routine you recommend?
Mike Alexander: We’re essentially squatting numerous times throughout the day without even realizing it (picking up kids, lifting groceries, standing up off the couch, etc.), so it’s not an exercise we should avoid or fear.
– Weight on heels (but don’t allow toes to come up)
– Sit back with butt and lean forward with shoulders simultaneously (lower leg and back should be approximately parallel at bottom of squat)
– Knees should be in alignment with middle of foot throughout movement
– Return to top and be sure to bring hips all the way straight (butt under body and squeeze cheeks at top)
– If there’s any pain or instability, start with a limited range of motion (halfway down) and increase as you become stronger/more comfortable
Complete 20 squats.

TLLC: What’s your 5-minute-a-day plan for getting a better booty?
MA: 20 reverse lunges (10 on each leg)
-Begin standing straight up with feet at hip width
– Step back with right leg with just a slight bend in knee and land on ball of foot
– Front leg should be bent at approximately 120 degrees and weight should be distributed 50/50 between front and back feet
– Return to beginning position and repeat with alternate leg

20 step-ups with hip extension
– Start with one foot on ground and the other elevated on a step or box, with knee at approximately 90 degrees
– Pulling up with top leg (not pushing off bottom), stand up straight with top leg
– Keeping bottom leg straight, extend it out behind you and squeeze butt at top (should be standing straight up on box at the end of motion with one leg slightly out behind you)
– Return to bottom and repeat all with same leg before switching sides

20 bridges
– Begin lying on back with your sides and knees bent and feet at hip width
– Slowly bring hips up toward ceiling by contracting glutes and hamstrings
– At top of the motion, your upper legs and back should make a straight line
– Squeeze butt at top and return to the bottom
– Don’t allow weight to transfer to ground before returning to top position
Repeat two sets of all.

TLLC: What’s your go-to move to lift the booty?
MA: Can’t beat squats/deadlifts for blasting your butt. Start with approximately 20-25 reps to build strength/stamina and focus on building a foundation with proper form. Add weight and decrease reps as a progression.

TLLC: Any foods we should – or shouldn’t – eat to help with the derrière?
MA: Nothing specific to add size to your butt other than protein that can help build muscle. High caloric foods might add size, but not ideal for shape.

TLLC: What is the one exercise that is best for your booty, and why?
MA: Probably stairs. Works a full range of hip extension, and actively engages glutes.

TLLC: How long until our booties will see results?
MA: Depends on where you’re starting from, but not unusual to see results in 2-3 weeks.