We all want something. Deep inside each of us is a dream, a vision that we long to see fulfilled. Some allow that desire to remain intimately tucked away, while others dare to respond to its beckoning call. We’ve heard numerous stories of trailblazers (my husband being one of them), who despite life’s odds they “faith” their way to their dreams.

Regardless of your individual circumstances: young, old, rich, poor, none of us are exempt from the reality of desires vs. obstacles. Fruition inevitably begins with belief. It is the essence of faith and perhaps the most profound seed we intrinsically possess. Believing essentially is the ability to imagine something is possible, to convince ourselves that we have a right to have it, then exerting the efforts necessary to posses it! That takes nerve. It also takes insatiable commitment.

Most successful people practice writing their vision down, collecting pictures of that which they desire, and compiling those images in the form of a vision board. This is extremely effective and renders real results especially when focused on daily. But there is one more element of believing that my husband and I have adopted that has contributed tremendously to both our public successes, as well as our private spiritual growth. It is the practice of “be-leaving.”

When “be-leaving,” we do two critical things: 1.We focus our time and energy on “being” or acting like what we desire to be as if we’re already there. 2. We regularly commit to leaving behind (both mentally and physically) who, what, and where we no longer wish to be. Sometimes attaining the life you so desire is not about gaining something, but about letting some things go. In either case, faith without works is dead, and “be-leaving” is a practical way to actualize our faith. The results have always lead to outcomes that far surpass our original expectation.

So, from now on, when pursuing your desired dreams, I encourage you to put into practice these tactics, understanding that unless you “be-leave,” those things which you long for will only remain fantasies in our mind. Together, let’s turn dreams into reality!