Beauty Foods: Eat Your Way To Being Gorgeous

Lori Harvey rocking denim jeans and a simple white top.

We’ve all heard it before: “What really matters is the beauty that comes from the inside!” And although it is soulfully sound advice, this old adage carries just as much truth as it does kindness. After all, everything that appears on the outside begins with a biological process that first takes place on the inside. 

Woman enjoying tea and incense.

You literally are what you eat. Drink a gallon of water a day and your skin will be dewier.  Eat nothing but greens and you will literally start to glow with a fresh vibrant energy. This deeper understanding between the inside and the outside has led to an explosion of beautifying potions known as beauty food. 

Water and leafy greens for a healthy beautiful glow.

We’ve rounded up some of the most powerful beauty elixirs out there to help you boost your beauty game while you eat yourself gorgeous. Bon appetit!

Moon Juice Beauty Dust ($38)-Use a scoop of this herbal supplement in your daily smoothie to increase your glow and help you capture that otherworldly luminous quality.

The Beauty Chef Collagen Inner Beauty Boost ($50) -This goji berry extract creates a natural probiotic designed to give your belly the perfect amount of daily nutrition to help your beauty shine brighter.

Glotrition Collagen Peptide Drink Mix ($85) -This sweet berry drink is the epitome of a beauty potion: infused with collagen and peptides, it improves skin elasticity and diminishes fine lines within four weeks of regular intake.

Hum Runway Ready ($35) – This easy-to-take, on-the-go vitamins strengthen hair and nails, promising to get you red carpet ready in no time.

Kalumi Marine Collagen Protein Bars ($6) -No time to eat yourself gorgeous? No problem! Power up with this beauty food bar, packed with marine collagen and protein to help slow the aging process and strengthen skin, nails, and hair.