BFF Finds: The Must-Have Items You And Your Bestie Won’t Want To Live Without

Ever found yourself in the midst of a shopping spree, staring at a must-have wonder item, thinking about how much your bestie would die to have the same exact thing?  After all, nobody knows your soul (and especially your sense of style) better than your BFF.  In honor of your sweetly symbiotic styles, we rounded up the best hers and hers gifts to celebrate you and your bestie.


Fenty Bomb Baby Mini Lip And Face Set ($23) – This on-the-go glam set is destined to brighten up your bestie’s day.

Engraved Bracelet Best Friend Gift Personalized ($9)- The ultimate adult friendship bracelet!

Best Friend Jacket Be+Fri  ($1,320) – Splurge on this ultra high-fashion declaration of your bestie love!

Best Babes White BFF Matching Crop T Shirts ($31) -For a more affordable expression of your bestie love, this sweet proclamation will do the trick.

Drunk Elephant Night Bright Duo Kit ($28 ) -These magic facial serums will rewind your age overnight. You may as well let your bestie in on your big new beauty secret by getting her started on her own.

Pippa Thong Bodysuit ($58) – This elegantly cut bodysuit is destined to become a closet staple. Hook your bestie up because she’s going to wanna borrow yours!

Nike Air Max 270 Sneaker ($150) – What’s cuter than matching shoes!?  Encourage your adventuring hearts with a cute pair of brand new Nikes.

Marjorie Harvey Collection Opposites Attract Clutch ($40) – Coordinating clutches couldn’t make the two of you any cuter!