Culinary Couture

Wine Etiquette 101: How To Order Wine Like A Pro

How many times have you stared at a wine list filled with Chablis and Cotes du Rhones and other provincial wine names that mean absolutely nothing to you? Some of us have cultivated our go-to faves, but unless we're making frequent trips to Napa, many of us are still in the dark when it comes to picking the right grape. We had the privilege of getting[...]

Marjorie's Daughter Launches Food Blog: I Need Some Mo!

Marjorie's daughter, Morgan Hawthorne, has already shared her infectious love of food on the Steve Harvey Show (did you see the German chocolate cake?). This week she's about to offer us so much mo' of where that came from. Morgan has launched a new food blog perfectly titled I Need Some Mo, and we had the chance to chat with her about the inspo behind the b[...]

Trendy Hooch: Throwin’ It Back With DIY Moonshine

American culture is thirsty for its roots: Handcrafted, vintage, sustainable, organic, natural, raw, pure. Today, these words weave themselves seamlessly into everyday discourse, authenticating food, fashion, and nearly every new product on the market. Hipsters with grizzly beards and flannel shirts seem to almost waft Appalachian mountain air, circa [...]