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5 Easy Poses To Get Your Holiday Glow On

During the holiday season we tend to drink and eat more sugary-processed foods. All of this can slowly tax our bodies (and our skin)  in a way that demands we bring a little balance into our lives to help lighten the load of all those goodies. Yoga anyone? Whether you’re a full-fledged yogi, or have yet to turn yourself into an impressive human pretzel, a[...]

Changing It Up: From Desk To Drinks

It’s the holiday season so the likelihood of going from “Desk to Drinks” has increased tenfold. While your minimal makeup look might be very well suited to your daily work life, you’ll need to amp it up a little to get your drink on with coworkers and besties alike. Unless you’ve had ample warning, you’re probably only carrying makeup basics in your bag, and[...]