Comfort Zone

My birthday is approaching next month and I’m so looking forward to it! One of the liberating things I’ve enjoyed about growing, changing and evolving as a woman is how comfortable I increasingly become every year, living in my own skin. I choose daily to live the age I feel and not conform to some imposed standards of aging. The confidence that comes from genuine self ownership is empowering, regenerating, and renewing!

I think the most powerful privilege we can exercise everyday is the right to choose for ourselves. Every single moment we are alive we can exercise that divinely endowed right by choosing what we will think, entertain, and how we will pursue what is best for ourselves. This in no way negates the human responsibility we have to care for, and be compassionate towards others; however, before we can ever do that, we must first love ourselves.

When you can honestly look at yourself (inside and out) and recognize (flaws and all) that you have beauty, value, and grace, you are on your way to finding your comfort zone. Once you can listen to your deepest inner voice, honor what you truly desire, need, and want, you have finally found that special, unique spot Vanessa Williams coined in her 90’s hit single, “The Comfort Zone”.

So often in society we are encouraged to find validation, answers, and a sense of purpose, externally. But life itself will teach you how absolutely IMPOSSIBLE that is! Your stride comes from striking a delicate balance between accepting, allowing, pursuing, celebrating, and owning all the nuances that make you uniquely who you are! Then it’s only a matter of time before you too will enjoy the freedom of living in the comfort zone!!!