Couture Covet: The Balmain Ruffled Pant

Balmain Ruffled Pant Style Guide

Every once in a while, some magical fairy Godmother of a clothing company makes a designer knock-off that makes all of our dreams come true. We call this the couture covet. This week, Lavish Alice sprinkled its magic on us, unveiling a ruffle pant that was only known previously to our hearts as Balmain. This tiered architectural ruffle wonder first made its debut at Balmain’s spring 2016 runway show. From runway to red-carpet, this ladylike pant is trending amongst a wide range of female frames, as it seamlessly reinvigorates the traditional masculine trouser with fresh dose of feminine ruffles. And now this perfect couture creation can be yours for only $88.  Get a pretty pair before they vanish!

Celebrities and Models Wearing Balmain Ruffled Pants


Balmain Ruffled Pant
Lavish Alice Ruffle Around The Edges Tiered Pant ($88)