Dance Deliberately

Most of the time, we have plenty to be excited about. Perhaps you or a loved one have achieved that long-term goal. Or maybe there have been several new precious little ones added to the family, whose arrival has brought indescribable joy and bliss, as is the case with me and my family; I so love being a grandmother. Maybe someone close to you has, at last, found the life long love they’ve dreamed of and decided to commence their journey together with a beautiful heartfelt ceremony. Whatever the occasion, life is filled with so many wonderful moments to celebrate.

I’m no psychologist, but I’m sure what we choose to focus on plays a critical part in shaping our perspective on a day-to-day basis. Whether good or bad, somehow, with every passing day we have the opportunity to view many of life’s experiences through the age-old “glass half full” perspective. That’s the beauty of viewing life as a gift despite it’s ups and downs.

As I’ve matured more and more over the years, I’ve learned the value of cherishing blissful moments in my life. Doing so consciously is extremely important too, because life is never a stagnant experience. We all know first-hand that the delight and joy we feel today can quickly become another sentiment tomorrow. I’ve learned that an effective way to capitalize and treasure these times is to simply dance deliberately.

Nothing like a spontaneous celebration to “up the emotional ante” and commemorate an exciting event. The small spike in activity raises our heart rate and endorphin levels, giving us a natural high. Sense memory and muscle memory kick in, making the special circumstance even more memorable. It doesn’t require a whole lot to dance, either. A quick leap, jump, finger snap, spin, or twirl, and… bam! You’ve got it! Dancing deliberately even helps lift our spirits above challenges that may arise. So, implementing the practice of pausing to indulge in a titillating two-step on a regular basis is a great way to preserve joy all year long.

Life is too much of a treasure, and it is crucial that we make the most of each moment, especially the exciting ones. So whenever you feel the urge, dance deliberately.