DIY Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Headphones

Dolce & Gabbana Headphones

The FW 2015 winds of wondrous designs and innovative products blew in with a fury of lavishly luxurious, couture-meets-tech must-haves.  Dolce & Gabbana topped the list of glamorous gadgets and almost crashed the internet when images of their ultra embellished headphones began to circle social media. Not only were they visually jaw-dropping, so too was their $6K price tag. But for those of us still waiting on our Amex Black cards, here’s a cool and creative way to get this lovely look for less by DIY-ing it!

Models Wearing Dolce & Gabbana Embellished Headphones

What You’ll Need:

A pair of headphones
A glue gun and glue sticks
A half yard of embellished fabric
A foot of wide, decorative trim
Two yards of metallic, bedazzled/rhinestoned embellished trim
Two square feet of faux or real fur

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Headphone Materials


1. Once you’ve accumulated all of your materials, heat up your glue gun immediately so it can be nice and hot. Spread your supplies out on a sizable flat, clean surface so that all materials are easily in reach.

2. Begin with the headphones and the half yard of embellished fabric. This fabric will serve as your initial decorative layer on the headphones, covering all hard plastic areas that do not compliment the metallic trim you will later apply. Based on the size of headphones, you will probably cover the headband as well as the outer portion of the ear cushions.

DIY Headphone Decoration - Embellished Fabric

3. Cut fabric into pieces that will allow you to cover these areas neatly, using the glue gun and glue sticks. We suggest a rectangle an inch bigger than the actual headband, and circles a half inch bigger than the cups that cover the ear cushions.

4. Glue them on. Apply the glue to the center of your fabric strip, and then directly to the center of the headphone headband. Tuck fabric ends underneath headband and glue them down as well. Glue fabric over complete outer area of ear cushion, cutting away any excess fabric where necessary.

DIY Dolce & Gabbana Headphones Guide

5. Next, repeat the same steps using the fur to cover only the outer area of ear cushion. It’s okay if a portion of your embellished fabric shows between the cushion area and the fur (we’ll make sure it has a jazzy finish!).

6. Now measure, cut, and apply the wide decorative trim solely to the headband portion of the headphones. Use the hot glue to secure: It should be neatly glued in the center of the headband on top of the previous layer of fabric.

DIY Fur Headphones

7. Do the same with the metallic embellished trim. Glue it neatly in the center of the wide decorative trim you just applied. You now should have three layers of fabulous fabrics covering the headband portion of the headphones.

8. Lastly, measure, cut, and apply the remaining metallic trim (if necessary) around the edge of the fur. This trim should serve as the finishing touch, bridging smoothly the fur-covering and existing cushion area of your headphones.

Couture-Inspired Headphones

Once complete, sport your couture-inspired creation with confidence and excitement knowing that you treated yourself to a novel, trending treasure that didn’t break the bank!