Don’t Stop Don’t Settle

Believe in yourself. Bet on yourself. Whatever you’re dreaming is possible. Your dreams have as much validity as anyone else’s. How serious are you about making them come true? Have you written them down? Do you make a consistent effort to pursue them daily? Weekly? Monthly? Do you invest in yourself as much as you invest in others?

We live in such an extraordinary time, where records can still be broken. History can still be made. There is still opportunity to make your mark, no matter where you are or where you come from. The extraordinary actress Viola Davis is a perfect example of this. She is the first African American actress to garner an Emmy, Tony, and Academy Award, despite being born into extreme poverty.

There are always obstacles. More often than not, the ones we face (whether internal or external) are severe and seem insurmountable, but let me remind you that others have done more with less! God takes our dreams as serious as we do. As we reflect on the so many of the recent achievements of African Americans and women in general, in entertainment, politics and beyond, allow these stories of heroism to inspire you. Let the legacy of courage and the indomitable spirit of others galvanize you to pursue the impossible.

You know what you desire deeply in your heart…Whether it’s something spectacular in your career, something remarkable for your family or community; perhaps it’s finding the love you’ve always wanted. Don’t stop striving, learning, networking, pursuing, doing everything you possibly can, until it comes to fruition. Most importantly, don’t settle because the very thing you seek probably is seeking you and just may be right around life’s corner.