Expert Tips To Soothe Problematic Summer Skin

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While summer means fun in the sun, barbecues with friends, days at the beach, and steamy vacation nights, it’s not so rosy and romantic when it comes to your skin. The increased sun, heat, and environmental exposure can take a major toll on your complexion in the way of sunburn, dryness, or excessive oiliness.

Celebrity Facialist Kate Somerville

For tips on how to combat summer skin fatigue, we spoke to celebrity facialist Kate Somerville—who works with stars like Jessica Alba and Anna Paquin—about how to treat some of the most common summer skin issues.

Problem: Sunburn
“SPF is the most important element for healthy skin year-round, but it’s particularly important during the summer months,” says Somerville. “Many of my clients ask me to take away or reverse something they don’t like about their skin, but usually what they don’t like could have been avoided by staying out of the sun.”

Never leave the house without applying sunscreen of at least SPF30. While makeup with sunscreen in it has become common, Somerville doesn’t like relying on this method: “I recommend looking for sunscreens with ingredients that contain either physical or chemical blocks and always cover up with a hat, especially in the middle of the day.”

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Problem: Oily/Congested Skin
“Skin can become congested from sweat and humidity,” says Somerville, “so it’s really important to cleanse effectively and thoroughly.”

Somerville is a fan of the double cleanse, using a makeup wipe to remove impurities and following it with two passes of your favorite cleanser, followed by exfoliation 2-3 times per week.

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Problem: Dry Skin
While it may seem counterintuitive—aren’t you supposed to shrivel up in summer?—the sun can be extremely dehydrating. As a result, it’s important to put moisture back into the skin, whether it’s from a serum, facial mist, hydrating foods, or good old fashioned H20.

“Incorporate a serum into your skincare regimen,” recommends Somerville, adding, “Look for ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid to bind moisture to skin and provide hydration.” She also advises clients to sleep with a humidifier if you live in an arid climate, and recommends starting your day with a delicious DIY green juice featuring ingredients like aloe juice, celery, spinach, and cucumber.

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Problem: Tan Lines
Even with your best efforts, it’s likely that you’ll end up with tan lines, especially if you’re lax with sunscreen.

To avoid looking splotchy, try a one-two punch of broad-spectrum sunscreen on body and using a self-tanner to even out your lines and provide a healthy-looking glow.

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– Nadine Jolie Courtney is a beauty and travel blogger, author, and contributor to, Angeleno and Fox News.