Fight For It

Marjorie Harvey Boxing

If you are like me, you were raised to never initiate a fight (that doesn’t mean you never found yourself in one). Outside of having a professional boxing career, the notion of fighting is generally seen as a negative thing –and rightly so. Both verbal and physical fighting can cause bodily and emotional damage that take decades from which to heal. So before we go any further, I want to clearly express that what I’m about to expound upon in no way condones that kind of conflict.

There is, however, another kind of battling that I’ve learned over time is vital to the human spirit, and that is the fight to “win”. Winning is defined differently by all of us. For some, it’s losing weight, for others, it’s saving their marriage, for another, it’s ascending the corporate ladder. Maybe you define winning by finally getting that degree you wanted, or perhaps purchasing your dream home, or maybe it’s successfully raising your child. In all of these scenarios, there is the reality of gaining an inevitable opposition. Anything worth having in life requires significant effort and resolve. When these two realities coincide, if we don’t embrace the need to fight for what we want, our natural tendency is to quit.

You may be reading this article and wondering, “What struggles can the lady who loves couture possibly have”? I’ve had many — all of which have made me a stronger, wiser woman; one who is better equipped to handle life’s next challenge. So, when obstacles and hurdles present themselves as you pursue your particular goal, I want to encourage you to adopt a completely different attitude about engaging in this particular kind of fight; understanding that the efforts required to win are completely different.

Unlike the kind of combat I mentioned early on, the pursuit of something promising demands hard work, faith, determination, and a whole host of other variables that reveal greatness of character. Fighting in this context is beautiful. Not only does it reveal true temperament, but also passion. Passion is the peculiar ingredient that separates those who are living life from those who are observing it. It’s the combination of all these things in one’s life that ultimately exposes their true virtue. That’s the most remarkable thing of all. Like precious metals, our ability to persevere displays our deepest worth.

So, whatever you earnestly desire at this stage in your life, go for it, and when obstacles arise (and they will) don’t be afraid to continue pursuing what you want, even if you have to fight for it!

*Mrs. Harvey is featured wearing Chanel Fall 2014 Runway jacket and boots. She was photographed in the London Hotel in NYC.