Finding Balance

Daughter, sister, wife, mother, aunt, cousin, best friend, CEO…these are all various titles that I wear simultaneously on any given day. Like a skilled acrobat or magician, I am learning daily how to balance these numerous roles. Some days are better than others, but it’s a beautiful challenge to have. These relationships ultimately bring so much fulfillment that the challenges that accompany them pale in comparison to their rewards.

Socially, I believe many women share my belief, as witnessed in today’s changing culture of more women openly choosing a life that blends traditional female roles with those more non-traditional pursuits adopted by the feminist movement. For many, the lines distinguishing these two worlds have become extremely blurred. No longer are professional women solely defining happiness or success by how far they have climbed up the corporate ladder, the number of zeroes they have accumulated in their bank account, or the amount of degrees they have after their name. Not that these accomplishments don’t have merit, women merely seem to be acknowledging a deeper longing for more meaning as it relates to relationships and family. At the same time, so called “domestic” women or “stay at home mothers” are no longer forfeiting their enterprising abilities and talents to resign themselves to “staying in a woman’s place”.

In many respects, it’s a “both/and” state of being rather than an “either/or” that has become the ideal achievement of today’s woman. We see it in many notable women of varying ages and backgrounds from Beyonce (aka Mrs. Carter and mother to Blue Ivy Carter and now two beautiful twins Sir & Rumi) to Tori Burch (who once was a stay-at-home mom). Today, women of all walks of life are practicing the art of striking a balance between heart, home, and occupation that has evolved into a multifaceted lifestyle. The beauty of this social evolution is that it promotes balance and wholeness; two things that ultimately bring genuine happiness.

Even if you are not a wife or mother, per se, but family and friends are a priority in addition to your work, I applaud you! If your reality is quite the opposite, with the majority of your time and energy is spent going toward nurturing a warm and loving home environment, but you still make time for things that interest you as an individual, kudos to you, too! How we each define balance is as unique as our individual identity. But the experience of being stretched and developed to our full capacity is a common denominator that fulfills us all.

As I mentioned earlier, the balancing act may seem impossible at times, but the secret to accomplishing anything insurmountable is trusting and allowing the power of grace to guide you through each moment. I’ve found this formula to be better than any magic! It becomes both a propelling force and an invisible safety net. The goal is never to be perfect, but to be present, loving, and sincere. As long as I keep that as my central agenda, I may make mistakes, but I never fail. So if you’re like me and you wear a lot of hats (couture or otherwise – wink!), be encouraged. Honor the true desires of your heart! Never let yourself be pigeonholed. Live courageously in your truth, understanding that you may have to grow and stretch, but in the end it will be worth it because you will ultimately discover that you CAN have it all!