For the Love of Fur: The Do’s and Don’ts of Fur Care

Old man winter may have had his last hurrah blanketing most of the east coast with his snow furry, but spring is inevitablely on its way. This past weekend we moved our clocks forward, so despite winter’s whirlwind, warmer weather is on its way! Believe it or not, now is the perfect time to think about prepairing to store your fur.

Our editor-in-chief, Allison Elizabeth Brown, is both a Baltimore native and an avid fur lover (of course she is!). She caught up with Richard Swartz, president and CEO of Mano Swartz, the nation’s oldest furrier, established in 1889, in her beloved hometown. Here she shares the do’s and don’ts she learned for protecting your investment.

Woman Shopping for Furs - Black and White

The Lady Loves Couture: What are some basic 1-2-3 tips every woman should know about caring for her fabulous fur pieces?
Richard Swartz: 1. Fur is an organic material and requires preventive care because once it dries out, it is irreparable. 2. With proper care, your fur can last for generations. It can then become a family heirloom. 3. In the future, any well-persevered fur can be restyled to give you more years of fashionable wear.


TLLC: When should a woman prepare to have her fur coat and/or accessories placed in storage?
RS: Bring your fur to us or your local furrier when baseball season starts. When your guy says, ‘quiet honey, I’m watching the game…,’ it’s time to store your fur. Ideally, fur should be stored end of March – October. You’ll want to store your fur with a professional furrier who has a humidity and temperature-balanced vault. We’ll condition, glaze, and moisturize the pelts. When the fur is in your possession, keep it in a dry cool closet.

Woman Caring for Fur Coat

TLLC: Are there any simple do’s and don’ts that you can share with our followers that will help preserve the value and life of their fur pieces?
RS: Absolutely! We’ve created a fun video that outlines some essentials.

Mano Swartz Furs

TLLC: What advice you can give us on restyling a dated fur?
RS: Incidentally, now is a great time to purchase furs at a discounted rate. Many furriers have huge markdowns at the end of the season and you can find a great fur at a great price! But if you wish to have a piece restyled, there is a process. We’ve put together the perfect video explaining what customers can expect with restyling.

Woman Wearing Fur in Different Styles

TLLC: Where can followers find more information about fur and the Mano Swartz legacy?
RS: Our website, of course! has furs for sale, further details regarding fur care, as well as restyling an existing fur you own. I’ve even self-published a book which explores the history of my family’s business in Baltimore, Maryland, along with understanding the language of luxury retail. It’s called To Fur With Love. It will be available September on


To Fur, With Love by Richard L. Swartz

TLLC: Sounds exciting! We’ll have to have you back  soon to give us an in depth fur lesson.
RS: Absolutely!