Friday Find: Alexa the Hands-Free Speaker

Kitchen counter with an amazon echo plus


Woman leaning on table with Alexa home speaker

If you’re like us, music makes your world go round! Every fashionista has her own soundtrack, doesn’t she? There’s the playlist for getting your day started, working out, slaying your #OOTD, then getting in the mood for your boo. Fortunately for us, Cardi B and Bruno Mars have already set 2018 ablaze with their dope retro single Finesse.

Busy family of four sitting on sofa listening to music

Couple enjoying wine and preparing a meal with alexa

So you’ve got the soundtrack of the day set, but what will you listen to it on?

We’re obsessed with Alexa, Amazon’s super cool Echo Plus hands-free speaker. You can talk to her (and she actually listens!), she’s stylish (comes in 3 sleek metallic colors), and she won’t break the bank.

So grab that last Visa gift card from the holidays and give yourself this super trendy treat!

Three amazon echo plus

Amazon Echo Plus ($149)