Gaga for Gucci-Inspired Fashion

Gucci Fashion Inspiration

GU-CCI!! While we may not be fluent in Italian here at The Lady Loves Couture, we are sure these two syllables are synonymous with sex appeal, provocation, and glamour when translated into any other language in the wonderful world of fashion. Gaudy, bawdy, and brilliantly beautiful, the label has enjoyed ascending into supernova status amid other designer labels, due largely to the ingenious vision of Creative Director, Alessandro Michele.

Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele

Who is this mastermind who took over the helm just two years ago in 2015? And how did he know fashion fanatics everywhere were secretly craving the unique combination of over-the-top seventies chic-meets-luxurious imperial Hollywood glamour? Seriously. How did he know? It’s like he raided the world’s most opulent vintage boutiques, distinctly scouring the globe for remarkable retro pieces. Then with whimsical wonder dust in hand, he slapped some insane, gutsy, grandiose, Gucci sauce on every look!

Well, while the price tags on some of the pieces may seem a bit awe-inspiring as well (wink), the inspiration fueled by the rebirth is free and can be found everywhere in the marketplace. This comes as no surprise to us because runway always sets real-way trends!

So, to get you in on the glitzy gig, we’ve rounded up some pieces inspired by Gucci’s recent sartorial “greatest hits.”

It’s our largest curation yet, so you’re bound to find something. Cop one or all of these more affordable pieces if you too are as gaga for Gucci-inspired looks as we are. Wear them separately, or pile them on, if you want to get into the Gucci groove

Model wearing new Gucci outfit on runway

Gucci-inspired head wraps


Model wearing Gucci ruffled jacket on runway

Gucci-inspired ruffled blouses


Gucci pleated old-world skirt

Gucci-inspired pleated skirts


New Gucci Gold SandalsGucci-inspired women's heels


Spring Gucci floral embroidered purse

Gucci inspired embellished accessories