Garcelle Beauvais Picture Perfect Ponytail

Actress Garcelle Beauvais wore the most perfect power ponytail we’ve ever seen on Sunday night. Her Oscars glam squad designed a pony that’s giving us major hair envy. This fiercely fresh look will carry you through daytime, playtime, and, yes, even uber-glam time.  We spoke to our own inner glam squad who gave us these steps to help you recreate this award-winning look so that you, too, can strut like the starlet you are! 

1. Wash, condition, and blow dry.

2. Once prepped, part the hair in horizontal sections starting at the nape of the neck. Apply an edge control product for kinky hair, like Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Control ($8) or Eco Styling Gel ($3) for looser curls. Apply product along the scalp in numerous horizontal sections, as if you are applying a relaxer. Continue this process all the way up to your forehead. 

3. With a strong brush and a protective ponytail holder, pull hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.  Apply gel on top of the entire head and allow to dry. You may want to use a hair dryer. Hairspray may also be applied to help further mold the ponytail. 

4. Once dry, apply one or two kinky curly bundles like, Human Hair Kinky Curly Extensions Brazilian Extensions ($203), securing with bobby pins around existing ponytail. Bundles should be 22-26 inches depending on personal hair length.

5. Take a 1 inch section of the extension and wrap it around the hard bundle and ponytail holder to help conceal the fastened extensions.  Secure with bobby pins. 

6. Apply two more protective ponytail holders, approximately three inches apart, on kinky ponytail to create the puffy look.