Get the Scoop on Marjorie’s Golden Goddess Locs

Marjorie Harvey dressed in white with golden goddess locs.

Marjorie Harvey showing off her golden goddess locs.

Our fierce and fabulous leader took to the gram this morning, sharing an image of her new ultra-sexy, super sensual Goddess locs. Don’t you just love how the cascading golden tresses compliment her beautiful skin tone? We’re crazy about it, and so is Mrs. H, as we affectionately call her. “I’m gearing up for an adventurous girls trip and wanted something easy, yet still chic, that will require little-to-no work,” says Marjorie. “Even with it taking eight whole hours (chuckle), I’m thrilled with it!”

Yesterday during the appointment, we spoke with the woman behind this hair transformation, highly-sought after Dr. Kari Williams. Dr. Williams is not only responsible for Marjorie’s lavish look, but she’s also credited with developing this particular hair technique adorned by many stylish celebrities, most notably: Meagan Good, Willow Smith, and Eva Marcelle.

Dr. Kari Williams sitting in front of overhead hairdryers.

 Meagan Good, Willow Smith, and Eva Marcelle with their goddess locs

Marjorie Harvey sitting on floor showing her golden goddess locs.

The Lady Loves Couture: You are a Dr. of Trichology. Tell us exactly what that is?
Dr. Kari Williams: I’m a specialist in hair and scalp health. Trichology is the scientific study of hair and scalp disorders.

TLLC: What tips do you recommend for maintaining a healthy scalp?
DKW: Shampoo the hair and scalp at least once a month with a clarifying shampoo to remove dirt and build up which can cause dandruff. I like to use Design Essentials Peppermint Aloe Shampoo ($10).

Design Essentials Peppermint Aloe Shampoo, Eden Body works Coconut Glaze, and Evolving Textures “O” Gel hair products.

TLLC: Any favorite products?
DKW: Eden Bodyworks Coconut Glaze ($9), Evolving Textures “O” Gel ($20).

TLLC: When it comes to natural hair, we’re all looking for protective hairstyle options. Tell us the benefits of this particular look?
DKW: As the creator of the Goddess Locs, I created this style with all human hair. This makes it very lightweight, natural, and gentle on the hair. The use of human hair also makes it easy to keep your natural hair healthy and hydrated. The products used on the extension hair can penetrate and absorb into your natural hair, preventing dryness and damage.

Marjorie Harvey dressed in white with golden goddess locs.

TLLC: What suggestions can you offer our followers for finding a quality locs specialist in their area?
DRW: I will be launching my Goddess Loc Certification Training this summer. A list of qualified Goddess Loc professionals will be listed on my [yet-to-be launched] site. The launch of the site will be announced via my Instagram at @drkariwill.