Gloss Like A Boss: Glossy Cheeks, Eyes, & Body

Glossing ain’t easy but it sure is fun! We love the aspirational look and feel of glossy lids and reflective cheeks, but attaining this iconic, editorial style requires some serious skill and proper product. Going at it haphazardly can lead to regrettable results. So we’ve consulted makeup artist and glossy makeup queen, Danessa Myricks, for the how-to on living our best-est, glossiest, flossiest life.

The Challenge: Take glossy lids from runway to real life without looking like a wet raccoon

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, we really need to nail this whole glossy lid vibe. Danessa shares: “The glossed lid is one of the coolest beauty looks trending right now. And the good news is, it’s super simple to achieve, as long as you use the right product and technique.” For starters, if you’re heavy-handed with your makeup application, you’re going to need to chill out and ease up. Danessa cautions, “Resist the urge to slather a lot of product on your lids. Instead, apply just a touch of sheen to layer on a soft dimension of glow.” Because gloss is naturally a bit runny and prone to creasing, Danessa shares this tip for keeping migrating gloss at a minimum: “Intensify your look with an airy wash of eye shadow. The powdery finish of the shadow helps to lock in the look and prevent product from moving.”

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The Challenge: Achieve the glow without looking greasy

Glossy cheeks are the glowiest cheeks. The reflective finish has a way of making skin appear more plump and bouncy. Danessa adds that the glossed cheek effect helps to, “recapture a youthful appearance.” To glisten like the pretty pics on Danessa’s Instagram, she recommends that you, “Tap a touch of your favorite lip color to the apples of the cheek and blend upward toward the top of the cheekbone. Next, dab a little glossy product over the cheek color…making sure to not disturb the color underneath.” This technique delivers color, contour, and a gleaming, glassy effect.

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The Challenge: Accentuate the positive without highlighting the negative

Glistening collarbones are indeed a thing…and with the cold shoulder trend showing no signs of slowing down, one thing is clear — Houston, we’re going to be showing a lot more skin all year-round. Danessa explains why we need to extend the glossy, glow beyond the face: “A glossed body is a great way to cheat a workout. Shiny, hydrated, slightly glazed skin always looks better than dry.”

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-Felicia Walker Benson of @thisthatbeauty

*photos courtesy of Danessa Myricks