A Very Harvey 2017: A Look Back In Photos

A move. An engagement. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. From Paris to Germany, New York to Los Angeles, Palermo, Portofino, Milan, the Harveys have traveled their way through 2017 in spectacular style. Here’s a look back at their year, with a few of our favorite Harvey family photos.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey posing for photo

Multiple images of Marjorie Harvey and daughter Lori

Lori Harvey on fashion runway

Marjorie and Lori

Marjorie Harvey poses for camera

Marjorie and Steve enjoy a happy moment

Marjorie and Steve Harvey with family gather around Stevie Wonder at the piano

Steve and Marjorie Harvey pose near piano

Marjorie Harvey poses near water in swimwear

Marjorie and Steve Harvey with whole family

Marjorie and children pose for camera