Every MH couture clique member has a handbag that makes her heart skip a beat! My advice is that every lady treat herself to a designer handbag that is as practical, as it is beautiful. One of my favorite handbag designers is Chanel. An iconic and timeless brand that gets better with age, investing in a Chanel bag is a great way to begin a collection. These iconic bags have proven to hold their value time and time again. Purchasing a luxurious handbag in today’s market, is similar to purchasing a piece of property or jewelry. Not only is it valuable but perhaps more importantly, most are resalable.

Initially, my suggestion is to stick with the classic designs, because they are always fashionable, practical and never go out of style.

For example Chanel’s “Wallet on a Chain” or the “Classic CC Flap” handbag, in either the mademoiselle size or the jumbo size, are wonderful options. The “Wallet on a Chain” is perfect for minimizing what you carry and can be worn crossbody, an ideal couture accessory for the lady on the go. The “Classic CC Flap” handbag in the mademoiselle size transitions easily from day to night, while the jumbo size is a better option for the MH couture clique member whose lifestyle requires a larger handbag. It is also important to invest in universal/nuetral colors like black and beige so you won’t have any fashion limitations. Whether Chanel is your brand of choice or not, any quality handbag is going to come with a certain price tag. Here are some helpful tips on how save for that special bag:

1. Skip the lattes. Instead of buying a $4 cup of fancy coffee every day before work, opt for a cup of regular coffee at half the price (Savings $520 per year). If you want to save more money, faster, brew your coffee at home and carry it with you in a to go cup (Savings $1040 per year).


2. Do your own manicures. The average price of a basic manicure is $12 before tip and if you are a part of the gel manicure craze, then you are paying on average $25 before tip. Paint your own nails and extend the length of your manicures by using an at home gel top coat (Savings between $288 and $600 per year).


3. One drink limit. We all love and often need, that after work or long day with kids drink! A few ways to save money while you enjoy cocktails, is to go during happy hour when restaurants offer drink specials or half price wine. If happy hour is not the right time for you, then only have one glass of wine instead of 2. The average price for a glass of wine is $8-$10. These drink-for-less tips can you save you an average of $400 per year.


4. Bring your own lunch. It is fun to eat out with coworkers for lunch, but this habit can be costly. On average you will spend around $10 per day for lunch, that’s $50 per week! If you can commit to bringing a microwave meal or even bringing a homemade sandwich and sides (at least 3 times per week) to the office, you can save over $1000 per year!


5. Do your own hair. Most women spend between $35-$50 on a basic shampoo and style. Save your professional hair visits for when you are need of maintenance services only, such as color or a haircut. By doing your hair at home, you can save at least $500 per year.


So start saving, so you can celebrate yourself with a stylish designer handbag! –Cheers to Living Lavishly on any Budget!

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