Indulge in Whatever Inspires You to Grow

Marjorie Harvey

NYFW never gets old… and neither does shopping in New York City for that matter. There is something to be said about the dynamic, regenerating, creative force that we refer to as the world of fashion.

It takes an exceptional amount of imagination, vision, and instinct to be able to conceptualize looks that will excite and ignite an “I’ve gotta have it” passion within the minds of consumers. To say nothing of the ingenuity and fortitude necessary to convert those ideas into wearable pieces. For the major brands that have been around forever, staying relevant is no easy feat. Almost equally challenging is the arduous task new designers face of bringing completely innovative concepts to market. To do this consistently as well as successfully season after season requires ongoing sources of inspiration.

For me – and for most of you who follow this blog I would imagine – fashion invigorates us significantly because it is ever-changing, evolving, and growing. It’s important for each of us to identify sources that motivate us, from the substantive to the seemingly superficial. All of these things add value to our lives and keep us in a state of thriving. Whenever we have the opportunity to indulge or even overindulge in people, places or things that bring us joy, we should do so!

Commingling with the best of the best in ares that interests us is galvanizing and should be practiced frequently. Something as simple as keeping up with the latest trends (whether you’re a fashionista, a wholistic junkie, a techie, or any other kind of enthusiast) can make you feel alive!  Inspiration is very good for the soul. It’s why people attend seminars, conferences, festivals, etc. These endeavors keeps us, sharp, relevant, and in-the-know.

So, my advice would be this: Make time to treat yourself to the things that truly interest you. The satisfaction this brings will surely change your life in some way.  At the very least, it will give you the psychological boost needed to help carry you through until the next big event!