Ladylike Behavior: Simple Do’s and Don’ts

Ladylike behavior

Alright fabulous fashionistas, let’s get in formation. From Kellyanne Conway’s controversial White House pic to Nikki Minaj’s recent breast reveal, it seems as if the art of etiquette and manners is eluding us. Nothing wrong with being free-spirited or sexy, but here at The Lady Loves Couture we subscribe to Marjorie Harvey’s mantra: “Being a lady never goes out of style.”

Kellyanne Conway's controversial White House pic

If you’re in agreement, we’ve compiled a quick cheat sheet of do’s and don’ts for keeping things elegant and chic at any age:

– Sit with legs crossed when wearing skirts, dresses, or shorts.
– Always chew with your mouth closed and dab with your napkin, never wipe. Your lipstick is too expensive to land on your napkin.
– Always remember to say please, excuse me, and thank you. They still work!
– Write handwritten notes.
– When choosing to wear something sexy, always leave a bit of mystery. Never tell the whole story. Also, to be safe, choose to highlight one – or a maximum of two – features. For example, shoulders and/or legs, cleavage and or/back, etc. Save intimate focal points for bedroom behavior.

Women sitting with legs open

– Arrive late without communicating to your party’s host.
– Pat your weave or make major hair adjustments in public.
– Don’t share every thought that crosses your mind with everyone. Having a verbal filter is a sign of maturity.
– Press send on emails or texts without double checking them. If your message is emotionally charged, you may want to wait until your emotions have subsided. Silence can never be misquoted.
– Show up to a meeting – even an informal one – without doing some preparation. You are your greatest asset, and preparation prevents poor performance.