Let It Go. Let It Glow!

Marjorie Harvey passing through doorway.

We all know the benefits of discarding, shedding, and letting go. The act of getting rid of excess baggage is essential and holds immeasurable value when seeking to transform anything, like the home you live in, your life, your mind, or even your body. However, there are a few critical steps, post-purge, that are required to make any metamorphosis truly successful…

First, there’s the rebuilding or beautification process. It is, in very simple terms, the positive ways in which you make yourself feel beautiful, glamorous, treasured, restored and strong. This is never easy – ask any architect – so I don’t want to create a false impression that this step happens overnight. There’s often a lot of trial, error, and preparation that goes into finding what makes you your most beautiful self. You may need to change your diet or begin exercising. Perhaps you need to step outside of your comfort zone and try a new hairstyle or switch up something in your wardrobe.

For someone else, your makeover is an internal one, requiring you to spiritually evolve into a more balanced, positive person. Whatever the scenario, the key to moving faster toward your better self is to find someone who is already winning in the particular area you are looking to change.  If not a professional, perhaps you have a friend or an associate who is making strides in that particular lane. Invite them to help you with your transition.

Second, once you’ve put in that work trust its usefulness. Don’t allow fear, anxiety, or the intimidation of engaging in new behavior to cause you to hide. Hiding hinders wholeness. We only hide because we don’t want to be vulnerable to scrutiny, criticism, or rejection. But the truth is others believe about you, what you believe about you! Which leads me to the third, and perhaps the most important step…

Personally, I like to call it the “letting it glow” process. Specifically, it’s believing that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and despite the reality that you will always possess flaws and imperfections, you are an exceptionally priceless work of art fashioned by Divine hands. Like any diamond that has come from the rough and endured rigorous polishing, you deserve to SHINE. No need to keep self-improvement a secret. It’s time to step out and let it glow!