Live A Little

When was the last time you pushed the envelope, in a positive direction, for yourself or someone else? Living life lavishly begins with deliberately choosing to enjoy and celebrate all that you have at your disposal. It’s the difference between viewing your proverbial glass as half full, as opposed to being half empty. Taking that notion a step further let me suggest that we not only acknowledge the glass as such, but celebrate it.

I have the distinct pleasure of remembering my grandmother’s generation –they never took anything for granted. Even though their resources were very different from those my husband and I enjoy today, they knew how to honor what little  they had.  They would dress themselves in their very best, come together on special occasions, and enjoy each other. Many of my memories are filled with great food, music, sharing stories, lots of love and most of all, many meaningful memories that fill my heart, to this day.

They gave us so much! Most importantly they modeled how to make the most of life’s precious opportunities by coloring outside the lines a little, involving their true passions, and enjoying the gift of the present moment.  I encourage you to do the same. Buy the shoes. Eat the cheesecake. Call that loved one you haven’t spoke to in years. Purpose in your mind, heart, and spirit to enjoy some part of everyday of your life…Live a little!