Living Lavishly

Life sometimes feels like an intense accelerated ride! There are often highs, lows, twists and turns that sometime excite and amaze us. Other times, we face situations that challenge and overwhelm us We all have these moments! Whether you are drenched in runway or ready-to-wear, life is an unusual gift that tries and tests us all.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m somewhat of a thrill seeker! I live for exhilarating, enriching experiences. One of the most exciting adventures I’ve had, and was able to share with my husband, was when we went race car driving. I remember when approaching the race course corners at top speed, I instinctively knew to lean into it and allow for every turn. Something about that visceral experience translated into a conscious realization; that yielding to life’s intense moments allows us to move ahead with grace and swift, even smooth, momentum. It’s only when resisting the turns does the threat of crashing and burning become a harsh reality.

We often focus on the principle of living lavishly on this site. Frequently, the assumption is made that this notion of having a “rich, fulfilling existence” is defined and achieved only by possessing an abundance of material resources. But in actuality, it is my aim and agenda to encourage my followers to understand that lavish living is really about building an incredibly layered life, filled with numerous aspects of goodness and value, regardless of your means. This layering takes time, patience, commitment, conscious effort, and a spirit of gratitude, but it is oh-so worth it! It also requires us to be present, without gripping life’s steering wheel too tightly, yet responsive enough to seize every opportunity that will enhance our quality of living now. There will always be someone with more and someone with less. The question is, are we making the most of what we have been given, or are we resisting our reality, overlooking its value? The latter causes us to spread ourselves, our resources, and our opportunities far too thin. In time, we may, ultimately, find ourselves crashing into life’s walls, catastrophically.

When we surrender to the unpredictable moments of life, trusting that the very best is yet to come, appreciating all we’ve been given, and building on every opportunity, surprisingly difficult moments can render stunning outcomes! So let yourself go and live lavishly!