Lunch Break Beauty Luxuries

Laser Facial

In a busy world, finding an hour or two to pamper yourself is an almost unimaginable luxury, making quick, get-in-and-get-out beauty treatments the modern girl’s best friend!

If you’re looking to get glam, and fast, you could do something boring like get a manicure…or, you could try one of these unexpected (and unexpectedly awesome) offerings. Here, we’ve found the perfect lunchtime luxuries to get you looking and feeling gorgeous in less than an hour.

15-Minute Laser Facial

Woman getting 15 minute laser facial on her lunch break

Think you need to spend a full hour at the day spa to get great results on your skin? Think again. The 15-minute laser facial—available at places like LA and NYC’s Skin Laundry—improves a dull complexion, tightens and brightens skin, and makes skin softer and smoother. The treatment works thanks to a combination of YAG lasers and Intense Pulse Light and there’s zero downtime.

Vitamin Injections

Demonstration of a vitamin injection at a spa

Whether it’s an IV drip to increase your energy or a vitamin injection to boost your skin and help it glow, doctors offices like Facile in Beverly Hills or places like LiquiFusionIV in New York can give you an injection to help literally make you more beautiful from the inside out. Popular treatments involve vitamin B12 for energy and healthier skin and IV drips to boost immunity and clear hangovers.

Lash Fillers

Eyelash and brow filler before and after pictures

While normal lash treatments can take up to two hours, you can visit a salon—like Blinkbar in LA or Blink Brow Bar in New York—that will fill your lash line with just a few individual hairs. Even a few artfully placed lashes on the outer edge of your lash line can make all the difference, leaving you looking dramatically more awake and just plain prettier.

Botox for Sweating

Botox injection into armpit for sweat reduction

The original lunchtime procedure is still the best—no other injection is as versatile as Botox. As you doubtlessly already know, it works on wrinkles, frown lines, and droopy eyelids, but what you might not know is that a few quick Botox injections can also help ward off excessively sweaty palms, feet, and underarms. (It’s especially useful during the hot summer months when your normal deodorant just isn’t cutting it!) Like all Botox injections, results last about 4 – 6 months, in many cases longer.

LED Laser Whitening

LED laser teeth whitening being performed on patient

If you’ve ever squirmed during a traditional whitening treatment, you know how painful (not to mention lengthy and expensive) the procedure can be.  Get the same great results with a LED laser lightening treatment. After only twenty minutes in the dentist’s chair, you’ll be left with significantly whiter teeth—up to several shades lighter—and the pain is almost non-existent.  Bonus: Results will last for up to about three months (yes, even if you’re a massive coffee and wine drinker!).

Non-Surgical Nose Job

non-surgical nose job before and after photo and demonstration

Thanks to the magic of fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, you can get a nose job during your lunch break: yes, really! The difference is that instead of going under the knife, the doctor or technician will inject a small amount of filler into your nose—usually around the bridge—to smooth out any imperfections or make the line of your profile look more even. Not all noses are candidates, but you’ll be surprised by how many people can benefit from this simple, pain-free procedure.

– Nadine Jolie Courtney is a beauty and travel blogger, author, and contributor to, Angeleno and Fox News.