Make Time For Love

Marjorie and Steve Harvey sitting together on sofa.

Money can’t buy love. It’s true, and while I’m often photographed in couture, enjoying my husband in the context of a certain lifestyle, we would both unquestionably agree (having both enjoyed luxurious accouterments prior to finally settling down with each other) that having means, means very little in comparison to true love.

Love, in its purest form, is inexhaustible, powerfully enriching, and undeniably life-sustaining. We need it like we need food, water, and shelter. As innovative, savvy, and self-actualizing as we are in today’s world, love is, in my opinion, still our greatest necessity.

In Couture Chronicles’ past, I have often expounded on the importance of brotherly love and compassion. But this week, in honor of the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want to pause and acknowledge the visceral longing we each have to love and be loved in return. When unmet, this need for love can result in a multitude of destructive practices that greatly diminish one’s quality of life, regardless of net worth. When found, eros or profound love can add an immeasurable feeling of “life” or meaning to every waking moment.

It is because of this that I believe love is our most precious currency, more so than that of a monetary nature. Those who have discovered this treasure are indeed rich. Those who know its value pursue it with the same fervor that others pursue wealth. They understand that once money is attained, the intrinsic need for love still remains.

As the beloved holiday for lovers approaches, I encourage all of those who seek to truly live lavish…make time for love! It is the prerequisite for authentic, immeasurable abundance.