Marjorie’s Meaningful Thoughts On Libya

Many of us have already seen the disturbing footage of the human trafficking crisis unfolding in Libya, where impoverished migrant workers are being sold at auctions for the equivalent of $400 US dollars.
Last week, Marjorie went live on Instagram to speak to the heart of these harrowing matters.
In case you missed Marjorie speak, we wanted to share some of her empowering words and to offer up some ways in which we can take our stirred-up feelings and direct them into productive action.
Words Of Wisdom From Marjorie
“Slavery is alive, living and breathing. It’s really hard for me to wrap my mind around what’s happening, not only in Libya, but what’s happening with the enslavement of women and children everywhere.
After I realized this was something that had been going on under all our noses for a long time, I just started crying. I have such an amazing life, and I’m blessed beyond measure. Meanwhile, someone just wants to have their basic needs met, someone is just asking to be treated with basic human dignity.  And then I thought: What if that was me? My brother, my husband, my daughter, my father? If that was me, I would want to know that everyone was trying to figure out actively what it is that they could do to help. So, I sat down and I wrote my prayer out to God. My grandmother always said, “When you don’t know what to do, sometimes you have to sit and be still. So I sat and I prayed: ‘God use me. I’m available, use me.’
I don’t know why God has put this on my heart, but I promise I will not sit back and do nothing. By myself I probably can’t even do a lot , but for whatever reason I was put in the position where I have so many people following me, I ask that you join me and  speak up for those that can’t speak for themselves. I promise you, I’m going to do all that I can.”
Continue To Stay Informed And Share Your Truth Boldly
Knowledge is power. Although news like this can be hard to stomach, the first step to any kind of social movement is awareness and education around the key issues surrounding the crisis. Educate yourself on the facts and use the power of social media to share your knowledge. A conversation that is alive, especially in today’s connected social media landscape, has the power to effect true change.
Continue To Support Your Own Hard Won Freedom
The bells of freedom have a universal ring. Where one man suffers, we all suffer. Our Libyan brothers and sisters are no different than us.  We are all connected, and when we fight to activate change in our immediate communities, that action does boomerang out into the larger collective consciousness. Take this news as an opportunity to activate and empower the freedoms you do have by continuing to care about the progress of your personal freedoms at home. The NACCP is one of these organization whose commitment to protecting personal freedom acts as a lighthouse and a vision for all those voices in the world still shrouded in silence. Or join forces with The Anti-slavery Organization, which continues the hard fight for world wide liberation everywhere.