Most of us who love fashion and fashion shows, are excited first and foremost by the clothes. Secondly, we are often moved by aspects of the sheer entertainment at these mesmerizing star studded events (the music, lighting, sense of anticipation etc.). Thirdly, when all of these elements come together in an exceptionally creative way, we seem to instantly get swept up by the fantasy woven into each style story that graces the runway.


With all of this kind of utopia floating around in the air, it’s hard to remember sometimes that this is actually a business! An extremely organized, layered, and lucrative one!!!

Fashion Week, which has become the official brand of shows falling under the “global fashion world order”, happens twice a year, on a large scale. It begins in NYC (it’s birthplace) and ends in Paris. Traditionally, the four major capitals of the fashion world (New York, London, Milan, and Paris) all host their version of the event based on seasons. Autumn/Winter collections are held January – April, and Spring/Summer collections are held September – November. Primarily, the focus has always been on providing a platform for previewing coming collections. Secondly, it permits the press/media access to promote those collections and ultimately, is the vehicle for selling those collections to individuals and retail giants. Regardless of your role or station, all those involved in this world are usually lured by the joy it brings, but in the end, discover that business is definitely mixed with pleasure.