Never Beyond God’s Reach

We live with a myriad of potential dangers every day. If we sit for a moment and let our imaginations run wild, we could very easily become paralyzed by the images that run through our minds, vowing never to leave the house again. But even then, in our very homes, we are vulnerable to life’s calamities.

Equally, there has always been a fight against evil in the world — our global world as well as our personal worlds. None of us are beyond life’s challenges and trials. When we sit and watch the news the world can sometimes seem like it’s spiraling out of control. But when I was a young girl, my grandmother who was a major spiritual presence in my life, instilled often that life is to be lived by faith not fear. She encouraged that divine protection shields us from dangers seen and unseen.

I offer these thoughts, not to minimize anyone’s test tragedy, or stress but to encourage those of you who may be grappling with a growing sense of fear that seeks to stagnate you from enjoying the holidays, your loved ones, and life in general. Let’s trust in the amazing grace that has kept us safe so far and, in times past, has brought us through every ominous challenge. Cling to the blessed assurance that our lives, and the lives of our loved ones, are never beyond God’s reach.