Olympic Gold: 5 Things To Know About The Spectacular Simone Biles

Simone Miles doing dance performance

Simone Biles is already being referred to as one of the greatest gymnasts of all times. When the 4-foot-9 19-year-old beauty took to the floor at the Olympic gymnastic trials, a feeling of recognition surged amongst the crowd that a living legend was among them. As she heads off to the Olympic arena in Rio (where she’ll most likely break a few more world records), we’re gathering up some insider information on this rising star. Here are five things to know about the spectacular Simone Biles.


1. She’s already won everything, multiple times.


The reason people are saying she might be one of the world’s greatest gymnasts is because she is: In her short 19-year existence, Simone has proven she’s a champion three times over. She is the first woman to win the world championships three times back-to-back. Respect.

2. She’s so good, she’s got moves named after her. (See it here


Biles’s floor work is so extraordinarily out of everyone else’s league that they had to make up a new name for her moves. The Biles, as it’s been called, is a double back layout with a half-twist, and it’s considered one of the most immensely difficult tumbling passes to be completed in competition.

3. She’s got a great sense of humor.

According to a recent Huffington Post article, when a journalist asked her why she wasn’t competing in the hardest vault in the world ― just the second hardest ― she deadpanned and said, “I’m not trying to die.”

4.  She’s a viral phenom.

Having not even taken the Olympic stage, a plethora of endorsements have been thrown her way as companies flock to lock her down as the next viral phenom. Her floor routine at the Olympic trials says it all, having already been viewed on social media over 13 million times.

5.  She’s already got a triumphant spirit.

One of Simone’s greatest accomplishments is actually composed of the miraculous twists and turns of her life. Simone and her younger sister, Adria, were formally adopted by her grandfather when Simone was just six. Simone’s mom was battling drug and alcohol addiction at the time. Nellie Biles, the woman married to Ron Biles, Simone’s grandfather, has been championing her gift ever since: “I always tell her she is strong and exudes a unique power which will take her far in life.”