Olympic Gold: 5 Things To Know About Sydney McLaughlin’s Rising Star

Sydney McLaughlin in race

16-year-old Sydney McLaughlin’s star-potential has officially been launched into our social media stratosphere. The sure to skyrocket teen track phenom just landed her place on the Olympic team, after her record-breaking performance in the 400-meter hurdles at the Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon. Here are 5 things to know about our new (and stunning) Olympic hopeful Sydney McLaughlin.


1. She just became our youngest Olympic hopeful.
McLaughlin will be celebrating her 17th Birthday just two days after the opening ceremony’s in Rio de Janeiro, making her the youngest track and field star since Rhonda Berry in 1976. Now that’s what we call a true Sweet sixteen!


2. She’s already the world junior champion.
Her winning event, the 400-meter hurdles, at the Olympic Trials happened to set the world junior record as well. Coming in at record-breaking 54.15, Sydney became the only American her age to have ever clocked such a fierce speed.


3. She never looses.
In her high school, Sydney is known for her ability to dominate in all track and field events, indoor and outdoor. She has not lost one track and field match since she began her freshmen year–that’s straight wins for over two years!


4. She knows how to treat herself.
After finishing her Olympic qualifying race, Sydney flashed her soon-to-be signature Crest-like smile as she described her ideal celebratory meal: “A cheeseburger. Maybe some sweet potato fries. And a cheesecake. Something like that.”


5. She’s already a Pro.
If you watch her post-race interview you’ll see that she carries a composure and an eloquence that shines well beyond her years. Sydney admits that “Sometimes, I even forget that I’m 16.” In fact, Kori Carter who finished fourth behind her took notice of the same impressive potential: “She’s a beast. She’s the truth. I was in every single heat with her and she carries herself like a true pro. I know she’s going to represent the U.S amazingly.”


Go Sydney!!!