A Powerful Habit: Rehearsing the Truth

Marjorie Harvey, dressed with confidence, descends a staircase.

The winter months can be emotionally rough. Shorter periods of daylight, frigid temperatures, and the absence of a loved one even around holidays (due to a variety of circumstances) at times can overwhelm us.  Many are often more isolated during the colder months and isolation can easily cause us to slip into depression, leave us feeling inadequate or alone, or even worse, a desire to check out of life altogether. But in these times, it’s important to remember the truth. It is, in fact, the truth that “sets us free.” When replayed repeatedly in our minds, truth enables us to maintain our freedom.

I like to call this habit of reminding myself of the truth, rehearsing the truth. Others define it as meditating on the truth… and it is. However, in my opinion, there is something special about characterizing it as rehearsing.

In the world of entertainment, the rehearsal serves a very specific, unique purpose: It is preparation for the ever-so-important performance. You rehearse and rehearse until the foreign thing becomes, not just second nature, but your actual nature. The same is true in this instance.

Life requires us to deliver, perform, and make difficult decisions time and time again. These situations seem to arise the most when we are most vulnerable and seemingly at our weakest.

Rehearsing the truth in our minds – whether it is about a loved one who is now resting in a better place, far from suffering and sorrow or the great decision to end a bad relationship – prepares us for these unplanned (but crucial) performances.

These moments when we must make sound decisions and act on what we know to be true, make us ready, strong, courageous, and free.