Prepare for It

Marjorie Harvey

Most of us have some kind of routine. Whether formal or informal, we begin each day and each week with plans, visions, and some sort of great expectations. Is there something particular you wish to experience before the end of the year? Devote yourself wholeheartedly, perhaps more than you ever have before, to keenly preparing for this special desire to become a reality. Faith it til you make it, as they say.

It is so true that “if you build it, they will come”. So dedicate what’s left of this year to identifying for yourself what that unique desire is for 2017, and promise yourself you are going to prepare for it, not just in a general, generic way, but, with laser-like dedication; believing, trusting, and knowing that specific expectations, render specific outcomes!

Buy the domain name. Write out the business plans. Pay for the classes. In a word: begin! You’re worth it. The Divine is here to help, taking your dreams as seriously as you do. Take the necessary steps. Make the investment and in time, these seeds of faith will bring about beautiful fruition.