Preserving Sacred Solitude

Marjorie Harvey poses in front of window.

Our lives have a tendency to get cluttered very quickly. These days, we multitask on so many levels that, for some of us, the amount of time we spend engaged on our cell phones alone easily equates to a full-time job. Then when we factor in the numerous roles, responsibilities, and relationships we juggle between cellular activity, we are left without a spare moment. To say nothing of the emotional impact news and headlines have on our mental health.

A full life, more often than not, is an amazing blessing! But as lavish as such a life is, we all need moments of reflection, solace, even emotional and psychological centering. We all must (even if only on rare occasions) step away from demanding routines, others expectations, even media madness, and go back to square one; one being essentially who we are before sharing the numerous pieces of ourselves with the world.

There is something regenerating about retreating, reflecting, and reminding ourselves of our core identity. In doing so we can dedicate time to reconnecting with our ultimate purpose and essential goals. Perhaps your life is so demanding that the thought of having some substantial quiet time or an extended getaway feels so unrealistic. But trust me, it is extremely important. Perhaps to get this important need met, designate a specific time in the early morning to center yourself before the rest of the world comes alive with interruptions and demands. For someone else, quieting yourself at night before you go to bed is the best way to settle your spirit.

Either way, this time spent reconnecting with God and your inner voice is critical for making sure you remain focused, sane, and committed to the destiny you were placed on this earth to fulfill.  Building and maintaining a layered life is achievable. It can be unquestionably rewarding, but somewhere amid the frenzy, the ability to achieve and maintain a busy life begins with being deeply rooted in a strong sense of your divine identity. Every now and then when life pulls us in many taxing directions, we have to press pause and revisit that intimate inner place that defines who we truly are. We must make this practice a priority. In a crazy world, it is essential to preserve sacred solitude.