Divide and conquer. It’s an age-old strategy that still works. With so many differences in the world, it’s easy to focus on what separates us than what keeps us apart. But truthfully, there is so much transformative power in discovering our commonalities. It’s only through understanding and gaining the assurance of our oneness that we are even comfortable making allowances for our many differences.

Think about it…Individuals who exhibit little to no prejudice tend to be ultra aware of the realities of our common humanity. People who are happily married are typically sound in their union and, as a result, make tremendous allowances for their partner’s individuality. Even in other close bonds of kinship, faith, or beloved friendship, there is a solidarity that anchors these types of relationships through so many of life’s challenges. It is only when we approach life from the perspective of opposition – obsessing over and magnifying differences – that division prevails and momentum is lost.

While there is nothing wrong with identifying and even celebrating distinction, originality, and diversity in a world where we are constantly reminded of what separates us from each other, we owe it to ourselves to protect the sacred unanimity we share with others in so many facets of life. Because just like there is ‘divide and conquer,’ there  is another equally powerful age-old philosophy that still works: “where there is unity there is strength.”